Need Help With What's Best for Your Situation?

Whether your wealth is in your business, in your home, your investments or still mostly in your potential, we help you build your wealth and help you protect it on the journey until you can choose to self insure.  

We ask questions and listen to your story to help determine what's best for your situation...  Is a Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) best for you, or a Registered Retirement Savings Account (RRSP's) or some of each?   Nearing retirement or age 71?  What about Registered Retirement Investment Funds (RRIF's)?  We will help you with options based on what you are wanting to accomplish.

With segregated funds you have added guarantees that are not available with mutual funds or stocks.  

We are also specialists in helping clients effectively use insurance plans including Term Life Insurance, Whole Life, Universal Life, Personal and Business Disability Insurance and Critical Illness plans to protect their lifestyle and those people and entities that they care deeply about.  The unexpected does sometimes happen and we help you build a plan that protects against risks to your wealth building.